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It’s time to change the way we design our urban landscape and built environment.
To develop sustainably, maintaining quality of life, we need to design for Sound,
not just mitigate to reduce noise.


Because Sound Matters

So what's it all about

Sound has a direct relationship to how we feel, yet is often one of the last things considered in the design and development of the spaces we visit, use and inhabit.


Acoustic quality is key in creating productive workplaces; ensuring our children are being educated in effective learning environments; and giving patients the best chance of recovery in hospital.
Collaboration between multiple disciplines is the way forward to integrate the soundscape into the holistic Placemaking design approach.
Engagement with and understanding of local communities and a broader understanding of non acoustic factors is an essential aspect to make a real positive contribution.

It is time to make Sound Quality as much of an integral part of design as the visual and aesthetic elements.  Want to hear for yourself?

Using our SonicRoom and advanced acoustic modelling tools, we create a listening experience (‘auralisation’) to demonstrate the sound of a space before it has been built.



More than half of the world’s population lives in cities and, according to the United Nations, by 2050, nearly 70% of the population is likely to be urbanised.
Our urban landscape comprises the visual features of a location, a soundscape encompasses the sonic features that give it its own unique identity. At the community level, adopting the broader Placemaking design approach, a more conscious and collaborative effort in soundscape design is needed to help capitalise on community assets and promote happier, more inspiring spaces.


More talking points and sources of research into the use of Sound and Soundscaping in urban environments are needed. Any project and surrounding research form the bases for a body of work and research published by Anderson Acoustics to contribute to the ongoing investigation and practical use of soundscaping within the field of Placemaking, urban planning, architecture, product design and acoustics.
We believe the sonic future of our cities is a growing concern and concept which receives increasing consideration with every year that passes.
Currently soundscaping is a growing topic in the ‘Smart City’ design debate, with noise being one of the subjects at the heart of the drive of sustainability within our metropolis.


Sonic Oasis is powered by Anderson Acoustics, one of the largest Acoustics Consultancies in the country and through our association with high profile projects and clients we are at the forefront of developments in the field of acoustics and sound. As a conscious consultancy we pride ourselves on forward thinking and an enlightened approach to both our work and our surroundings.